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Race Elevation Profile for the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race

Our race schematic seemed quite popular, so we've been working on another representation of the race for you. This time it's the Race Elevation Profile for the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race on June 8, 2024 at Penllyn Estate in the Vale of Glamorgan

This one is all about the elevation profile, and this chart gives you a good idea of what to expect. Of course, it can be compressed and elongated to give a different feel, but in essence, this is what you will experience when you do the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race on June 8th at Penllyn Estate!

A short and gentle ascent on foot, followed by a long and flowing descent with just a short kick back up at the end.

The first bike leg is a cruise, mostly downhill and on the flat.

The kayak segment is on flat water.

The orienteering is pretty much flat with a tiny bit of undulation.

The last bike leg is where it's at, with a few sections of more serious climbing, followed by a fun and flowing descent and a final kick back up to the event center.

Okay, so to give you some perspective: the race starts at an elevation of 52m with a minimum elevation of 30m and the maximum elevation is 106m, so it's not a mountain, only rolling countryside.

In total, you will climb and descend 315m.

It will be an incredible achievement for your whole family, and the medals you will receive will make it all so worthwhile.

The day is drawing ever closer with less than 6 weeks to go, so make a bold move and join us today!


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