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Mini Burn Race Schematic

I don't know about you, but every time we see a race schematic, we can't help but get excited! For us as organisers, it's so important that the flow is right to ensure you have a smooth ride from phase to phase.

Mini Burn Family Adventure Race - Race Schematic
Mini Burn Family Adventure Race - Race Schematic for Penllyn Estate on June 8, 2024

Of course, it wouldn't be an adventure without a few surprises along the way, and these could crop up at any stage. You've got to turn up to find out more!

So, in outline, here we go....

It's an event center start, and you will begin on foot. You can walk, run, sprint, jog, hop, or anything you like as long as you are on foot.

The second phase is a short bike ride on tracks, trails, and paths plus a tiny section of road.

The third phase is a splish-splash, but hopefully not splosh, in the kayak. Don't worry, no competitor has ever fallen out of one of our kayaks. Marshals, however, tend to enjoy capsizing!

With slightly wet bottoms, you're onto the navigation phase. Super simple, short, and fun.

The final phase is back onto the bike, which is a little longer with some hills. Again, no worries; you can pump hard on the pedals or take every pedal rotation one at a time. No time limit, remember!

Then it's back home to Forage Farm Shop & Kitchen, which is where our event center is based, for a medal and relaxation in the sunshine, enjoying a hog roast (veggie and other dietary options of course available) as you watch and cheer on other competitors.

What is not to like about this??


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