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Common FAQ's

  • Are kayaks provided?
    Yes, we provide single & double sit on top kayaks with paddles and buoyancy aids for all competitors. If you are racing in a pair or in a team with an even number of competitors, you will receive a double(s) and if you are racing as a solo you will receive a single. If you are racing in a team of three you will receive a single and a double. If one member of the team of three is very young you will then all go in the one double. You do not need to bring anything specific for the kayaking section although some people like to put on a pair of waterproof trousers to keep their bottoms dry for the remainder of the event!
  • Are cycle helmets compulsory?
    Whenever you are on your bike a cycle helmet must be worn. There is no exception.
  • In what order do phases take place during a Mini Burn?
    Each race varies based on the venue, however it is more likely that the run will be first followed by the kayak and then the bike. The orienteering phase can take place at anytime so please refer to the competitors information that will be available the week prior to the race.
  • Where is the best place for my supporters to watch me?
    All of the Burn Series race are designed so that you visit the Event Centre in between each phase as well as for the start and finish therefore your supporters will get the best all-round view from there. The kayaking is always very close to the Event Centre. If they want to watch the mountain biking then we can point them in the right direction on the day.
  • Do I need to be an experience kayaker to take part in a Burn Series Adventure Race?
    No, not at all. The boats we use are very stable and we provide safety and instruction on the water. It might make your experience more pleasurable if you have had some experience in advance. If anyone is interested in finding out more about Cardiff Canoe club then click here.
  • Can I use a road bike?
    We recommend that you use a mountain bike with a suitable off road tyre since the majority of the event is off road on either gravel tracks or singletrack. There may be some very small sections of road, but we aim to avoid this wherever possible. The weather also plays a big part in bike choice because it there has been a lot of rain in the weeks leading up to the race then the grip from mountain bike tyres will make your experience far more fun! A mountain bike is definitely the best option.
  • What happens if I can't finish the race?
    If you are uninjured and able to continue until the next marshal, then this marshall will assist you in getting back to the event centre at the end of the event. It is important that you come back to the event centre in order to return your timing chip and to inform us that you are okay. If you do not, not only will we send out a search party, we will also be billing you for the timing chip, which we really don’t want to have to do. If you are injured and unable to get yourself back to the event centre then either call us or wait for the next group of competitors to pass you to seek assistance.
  • What age is recommended to take part?
    For the Mini Burn races there is no age limit either way, however all juniors (under 15yrs old) must be accompanied by an adult. We have had some as young as 3 years old and as old as 73 years old take part. We recommend that a good age to begin is 6 years old. The Burn is for 15 yrs old and over but all juniors (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult). Everyone's abilities are different and hence we allow you to decide what is suitable for you and you family or team.
  • Do I need to stay with my team?
    Absolutely Yes. If you enter as a team, it is a team event and the most important thing is to get your whole team to the finish line together. The rules state that you must be within sound and sight distance of your partner/team at all times. It is best to try and partner up with someone of a similar ability, however you can always help each other out by carrying kit for each other or towing one another on the bike. (It’s very common in adventure racing!)
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