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Family Adventure races for Adventurous Families! 🌳

Gear up for the upcoming Mini Burn Adventure Race with some helpful training insights! 🌈💪

Family Navigating during family adventure race

  • Start Small, Build Big: Begin your training with short, family-friendly walks and bike rides. Gradually increase the distance and difficulty as your team gains confidence and endurance.

  • Team Bonding Workouts: Incorporate fun team-building exercises into your routine. This could include partner squats, relay races, or group challenges. Strengthening that family bond will be your secret weapon on race day!

  • Trail Exploration: Familiarize yourselves with different terrains. Whether it's dirt paths, grassy fields, or wooded trails, diversity in training will prepare you for the varied landscapes of the Mini Burn Adventure Race. We will be releasing some fly through maps of the route soon!

  • Obstacle Practice: Find or create simple obstacles in your training area. Climbing, crawling, and balancing exercises will not only enhance your skills but also add an element of excitement to your preparation.

  • Map Reading Skills: Sharpen your navigation skills as a family. Use local parks or nature trails, and practice reading maps together. This will come in handy when deciphering the racecourse on the big day!

  • Hydration and Nutrition: Stay fueled and hydrated during your training sessions. Emphasise the importance of healthy snacks and water breaks to keep everyone energised and ready for action.

  • Trial Run: Plan a mock adventure race in your local area. It's a great way to simulate race conditions, test your family's preparedness, and identify any areas that may need improvement.

Remember, the Mini Burn Adventure Race is all about family fun and shared experiences. Train together, support one another, and enjoy the journey as you prepare for this exciting adventure! 🌟👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


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