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Crafting Sustainability: A Journey with Alchemy Engraving

Mini Burn Medals and trophies being made at Alchemy Engraving
2024 Mini Burn medals and trophies in the making

Today's visit to my trusted medal and trophy suppliers, Alchemy Engraving, was nothing short of inspiring. Alan and Josceline, the passionate couple behind the scenes, embody genuine craftsmanship and a dedication to their craft that's truly commendable. Allow me to introduce you to these artisans who have become integral partners in our quest for excellence.

Our chance encounter last year sparked a collaborative journey that led to the creation of the Mini Burn medals and trophies, tokens of achievement you might have proudly displayed from last year's Mini Burn Family Adventure Race. But our discussions went beyond mere aesthetics; we delved into the intricacies of materials, engraving techniques, and even sustainability.

In today's world, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a moral imperative. Alan, Josceline, and I share a common vision: to minimize our ecological footprint while maximizing the quality of our products within budget constraints. The Mini Burn Adventure Races aren't about profit; they're about fostering unforgettable experiences. And what better way to commemorate those experiences than with meticulously crafted medals and trophies?

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere rhetoric. During our conversation, I gained insight into Alchemy Engraving's innovative waste management practices. Every offcut of wood finds purpose as fuel for their office and workshop, exemplifying their dedication to resourcefulness. Additionally, their approach to acrylic disposal through recycling, which is locally sourced and later to be made into outdoor garden furniture, and the use of water-based, low VOC paints underscore their eco-conscious ethos.

By sourcing materials locally and opting for sustainable shipping methods, we're not just reducing costs; we're minimizing our environmental impact. The proximity of Alchemy Engraving to the Burn Series Headquarters allows us to further diminish our carbon footprint, aligning with our collective commitment to sustainability.

With just two months until the next Mini Burn Family Adventure Race on June 8 at Penllyn Estate in Wales, excitement is palpable as we fine-tune and innovate for the 2024 medals and trophies. Each piece reflects the unique spirit of the Mini Burn, embodying the essence of our beloved event.

We want your children to wear them with pride and why not attach them to their school rucksacks as a constant reminder of their achievement. Imagine them proudly showcasing their Mini Burn medal or trophy as they embark on new adventures, a tangible symbol of their resilience and accomplishment.

I extend an invitation to you to become a recipient of one of our medals, each as unique as the Mini Burn itself. Thirteen years on, we remain the only family-run bike and kayak adventure race in the UK—a testament to our enduring commitment to fostering memorable experiences and embracing sustainability every step of the way. Join us on this journey, where every medal tells a story of triumph and collaboration.

Even Yoko, my beloved poodle, enjoyed the morning and soon found herself sprawled about in front of the fireplace as the conversation flowed effortlessly!


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