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10 reasons to try a Family Adventure Race - A fun and active day out with the kids

  1. Firstly, watch this short video which gives you a really good idea of what one of our Mini Burns looks like. As you will see, it's all about Family and all about Fun and gives the ultimate days out with the kids.

  2. Families come in so many different formations, shapes, sizes, and ages, and all of this is irrelevant on the day. We are simply here to help you realize exactly what you are capable of as a family team.

  3. There are so many options for you. You can go hard and try to win, you can set a goal and strive to meet it, you can pick and choose and do what you want as a non-competitive family team, and you can even bring a picnic and really take your time. We set no time limit so you've got the whole day. When you sign up for a Mini Burn, you'll be asked your level of competitiveness so if you plan to take it slow that's great and we will set you off early to give you maximum daylight!

  4. Families from all over the UK come to our races, some traveling from as far as Nottingham and Edinburgh. If you are local and the race is near you, then you've really no excuse!

  5. We have been running the Mini Burn since 2011 so we have 13 years of experience in ensuring each and every family will truly love the experience.

  6. On the day, we usually have photographers who are there to capture all your best moments so you'll have a very unique photograph of all the family together taking part in sport together. When does that ever happen?

  7. The Mini Burn medal is an absolute favorite for show and tell days at school so make sure your child doesn't miss out on this opportunity. I'm sure your colleagues too would be pretty impressed!

  8. If you are of a competitive nature, then there is currently a huge drive to get more youngsters into the Sport of Adventure Racing so by taking on the Mini Burn, this is a perfect first step and for those with a natural ability to do well, there are some free places for under 23-year-old teams in the National Championships this year.

  9. All of our venues are chosen for their natural beauty and ability to take us on a magical journey on foot, bike, and kayak. Let us show you some of these venues that are right on your doorstep which you've not yet explored. Of course, some are on private land and only accessible during a Mini Burn!

  10. I asked my daughter for the last point, and she said you should do a Mini Burn because it's fun and it makes you adventurous!

Only one last thing to do....check out our next Mini Burn Family Adventure Race. That's your next day out with the kids sorted!


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