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 💚 Promotion coming up 💚

At Burn Series we've had an idea and we hope you will be up for it!

In case you haven't already heard, there is a worldwide blockbuster movie about to hit our cinemas on March 15 and it's all about Adventure Racing with the help of a dog called Arthur!

It's called 'Arther the King' 🐕👑

(For any ladies out there, it features Mark Wahlberg so well worth a watch even if adventure racing and dogs are not your thing! )

So onto the idea.....💡💡💡

  1. Go and see the movie on March 15, wearing your Burn Series or Mini Burn t-shirt

  2. Simply take a picture of yourself with the movie poster behind you.

  3. Upload it to one of our promotional posts on Facebook/instagram or e-mail us at

  4. We will then randomly choose some lucky people to receive some discounted/free entries to a Burn Series race of their choice.

There is nothing to loose and all to gain, and here is some more.....🙌

If you didn't get a Mini Burn or Burn Series T-shirt at our last event and you are in or passing South Wales, then you can collect some from us as we have some left over from the 2016 Year of Adventure, which we are giving away for FREE. Just drop us a note.

***Excited to see your entries!***.


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