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Embrace the Unexpected: We always aim to surprise at the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race

Slack lining during the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race. Even adults enjoy the additional challenges
Even adults love the additional challenges

At the Burn Series, we pride ourselves on delivering surprises, and our Mini Burn Family Adventure Race is no exception. While you're guaranteed to run, cycle, kayak, and navigate, we also throw in a unique twist. With each Mini Burn, we handpick one, sometimes more, additional challenges that promise to test your skills and leave you wanting more.

We know what's happening at our next race on June 8, but we're not telling you just yet. You've got to turn up on the day to find out!

Picture yourself scaling a towering climbing wall to reach a checkpoint, or crawling through mysterious tunnels, hoping to see daylight. Perhaps you'll try your hand at archery, testing your aim and precision under pressure. Maybe you'll tackle an obstacle challenge that pushes your agility or coordination. Each challenge is carefully chosen to surprise and delight, ensuring that every moment of the Mini Burn is filled with excitement.

In the past, we've had all sorts of excitement built up around our event center, with one particularly memorable time when slack lines formed part of an obstacle course. It required careful balancing techniques and focus, but luckily our marshals were always available to lend a supporting hand.

Of course, it's all optional, so there's no need to fear, but we really hope you'll love it and give it a go. Everything is very carefully managed by our team of expert marshals.

As Easter weekend approaches, hone your hunting skills for the ultimate Mini Burn Family Adventure Race. Just like searching for Easter eggs, navigating the Mini Burn requires sharp eyes and quick thinking (we've made the navigation very simple for you!). Who knew that your Easter egg hunting prowess could come in handy? Practice with your family and get ready to hunt for our checkpoints on June 8th!

Boy absailing at the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race
Boy absailing at the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race

Ready to embrace the unexpected at the Mini Burn Family Race? Register now for June 8, 2024 at Penllyn Estate in the Vale of Glamorgan and get ready for an adventure that will leave you breathless (of course you can always take your time!). Don't miss out – sign up today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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