Weather Update

If you have not yet seen the weather forecast it looks to be a wet and windy one for this weekends race.

Please don’t worry though because with good preparation all will be fine. We have hired in extra marquees to ensure there is plenty of cover for you before and after the event as well as an area for you to leave all of your transition equipment and clothing. Your spectators are welcome here also.

It’s going to be fairly warm but with the wet and windchill could feel colder so please ensure you bring a good set of waterproofs (top and bottoms) and some warm layers. Bring a full set of spare clothes for after the event because prolonged wearing of wet clothing once you’ve finished racing can lead to hypothermia. Hands, feet and ears all tend to suffer first!

There will be catering at the event centre providing hot food and drinks both before and after the race.

With regards to the kayaking, we are fortunate that the lake is very sheltered from the prevailing wind and so we do not foresee an issue here. However on the day we make take the decision to shorten or cancel the kayaking if the conditions are deemed not safe.

We never let the weather get in our way by ensuring we have appropriate clothing and if you do the same you’ll have a fabulous race!