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Map preview 3 - Mini Burn Adventure Race Kayak Phase 2024

Again here comes the 2023 map of the Mini Burn Adventure Race Kayak Phase that is happening on June 8, 2024. The route will be the same in 2024.

Kayak Route Map for the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race

Quite simply put, it's a magical and hidden lake that not even the locals know about! It is on the private Estate of Penllyn Estate and only accessible during the Mini Burn Family Adventure Race on June 8. As in 2023, you will be doing two laps of the lake. You'll navigate your way around the island in the middle of the lake in our single and double kayaks, depending on the formation of your family and your preference. Our wonderful kayak team will take care of you and ensure you enjoy every second!

I should note, it is flat water, so no current either way!

This is Phase three of the race and you will arrive at the lake on your bike. There will be a bike transition area set up, as shown on the map, in front of the kayak put in and take out point. Here you will leave your bike in a secure area, guarded by our marshals as you do your kayak. We will also have a water station here.


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