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  • Age or ability really don’t matter at a Mini Burn!
    What can I say, I’m the happiest and proudest; (1) mother (2) daughter (3) & Mini Burn Founder in the world today. Check out this Mini Burn training! Next race October 10 @Margampark (read more...)
  • Burn Adventure Race – the Ultimate Fitness & Strategy Test
    It’s 10 years ago, in October, that the Burn Series Adventure Races started up in Wales, inspired by the New Zealand culture of sport. The first race, Cardiff Burn was based in Cardiff City Centre. (read more...)
  • NEWS FLASH… more...)
  • Some checkpoints are up high!
    We do try and mix it up a little every year and hide our check points in some fun places! Next race: October 10, 2020 Margam Country Park ,South Wales(read more...)
  • How to get into one of our kayaks
    Here is a short video for you to see exactly how easy it is to get into one of our kayaks. This is 11yr old Anya showing us how to do it. I know it’s a question often on peoples minds in (read more...)
  • How to turn a kayak
    This is Anya, 11 who has been out today demonstrating perfectly how easy it is to turn our kayaks! This is a single sit-on-top kayak. You will either be in a single or a double during your Mini Burn (read more...)
  • Mini Burn Training with the family
    So today we all donned out Mini Burn t-shirts and set out on the first stage of our Mini Burn training. A 3km run; but it’s wasn’t all running, we skipped, cartwheeled, ran back and forth (read more...)
  • Is map reading now an ancient art?
    It’s certainly not for the Mini Burn and shows that you need brains and fitness to win! The maps we use are orienteering maps and you can download some from South Wales Orienteering Club under (read more...)
  • In the words of a World Champion
    A few years ago we were joined at the Mini Burn by World Adventure Racing Champion, Nick Gracie, and his 8 yr old son George. You can hear what they had to say here.(read more...)
  • It’s a family affair
    There is no age limit for the Mini Burn at Margam Park and holding hands is perfectly acceptable! Two days left for the early bird discount. (read more...)
  • A blustery 3km run
    There is nothing better than a little wind resistance to help your training along!(read more...)
  • 4 days to go…whoops did I say six!
    I was so excited to be out on my bike in my Mini Burn T-shirt that when I got home to my computer I realised I hadn’t excelled in maths!(read more...)
  • Today we took to the water
    We really want to give you every opportunity to take part in our Family Adventure Race. It’s one of a kind in the UK where you can compete alongside your children, in all of the sports and (read more...)
  • The Mini Burn Stage of Fame
    This year we will have a ‘Mini Burn Stage of Fame’ at the event centre. Before you set off or after you’ve finished your race you will be given the opportunity to address the (read more...)
  • Let’s settle your Covid-19 concerns!
    So I want to share with you the measures we will be taking on October 10 at the Burn Series Adventure Race in order to ensure an environment which is as safe as reasonably possible for both the Burn (read more...)
  • Mini Burn preparation Step Five – Brag about it!
    Okay so I don’t actually like the word ‘Brag’ as it sounds big-headed but if you struggle to commit to things then using peer pressure is often the best way to keep you on track. (read more...)
  • Mini Burn preparation Step Four – Get some answers!
    So I am regularly receiving e-mails from potential Mini Burner who are not quite sure of how the day is run. I fully understand that the concept of an Adventure Race is a little complex and certainly (read more...)
  • Mini Burn preparation Step Three – A little Training!
    You will not be alone if you are worried about your level of fitness. Many people assume you need to be superhuman in order to take on an Adventure Race. Now for extreme expedition Adventure Racing (read more...)
  • Mini Burn preparation Step Two – A Strategy
    So unlike a standard triathlon, where fitness outweighs strategy, with Adventure Racing having a good strategy could mean the difference between a win and a second-place. It goes without saying that (read more...)
  • Mini Burn preparation Step One – The Right Kit
    Okay so this is not just a simple running race and therefore you do need to think a little more about what kit to bring. Having said that it’s nothing complicated and nothing particular fancy (read more...)
  • How to prepare for a Mini Burn in 5 simple steps
    Do you have 2-4 members in your family that are ready for an Adventure? Remember if you don’t push your boundaries, you’ll never know what you are capable of so here goes…. The correct kit A (read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 7
    The final set of questions are now open. We have loved watching your answers come in. If you think you have answered all questions correctly then you can start thinking about what colour t-shirt you (read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 6
    So here come the penultimate set of questions for the Mini Burn Quiz. We are back onto the Orienteering map to give the mathematical side of your brain a workout!(read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 5
    Hopefully by now you’re into the swing of things with the quiz questions. This picture gives you a clue on whether it’s more efficient for both people to paddle on the same side or (read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 4
    Here is a map of the Run Route for the Mini Burn. It’s a google Earth map with Margam Castle (which in fact is not a castle but a Victorian era country house) top centre. Our event centre is (read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 3
    Who would have thought that you need a certain level of mathematical ability to take on a Mini Burn? Calculating the approximate distance to the next check point or reading the altitude from a map (read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 2
    So for Day two of the Quiz, we have four more Mini Burn related questions for you to tackle. Remember all correct answers receive a FREE Mini Burn T-Shirt so give it a go….(read more...)
  • Lockdown Quiz Day 1
    Are you ready to find out how much you know about Mini Burn? Some questions are easier, some are not and for some, you’ll need your mathematical thinking cap on!(read more...)
  • On your Marks, Get Set, Go….
    A Mini Burn Adventure Race quiz for big and little kids – maybe a family team effort is best! Starting on East Monday The questions will be a mixture of easy, moderate and difficult and you (read more...)
  • Lockdown Mini Burn Quiz
    Wow, what a crazy, scary world we are living in for the time being. I really hope everyone is okay and managing to adapt to this new lifestyle. It’s such a shame that so many events, which I am (read more...)
  • Entries now open
    The Burn Series Adventure Race on October 12, 2019 is now open for business!(read more...)
  • Photographs
    Photographs are now being uploaded on the Ffotoimage facebook page. If you would like to purchase any pictures please contact Glyn directly through this page.  (read more...)
  • Results are in!
    Firstly I must say congratulations to everyone who pitched up today for the Burn Series Adventure Race & 10K. As you all saw we actually managed to escape the majority of the bad weather with (read more...)
  • The night before race day
    Some good news first…..we are quietly confident that all will go as planned tomorrow having been out on the course for the last two days setting it up. Thank you to everyone for their e-mails (read more...)
  • Our event centre has moved!
    Due to Storm Callum joining us on Saturday the management at Margam Park have kindly agreed for us to move our event centre into the Castle at Margam Park for this weekends Burn Series Adventure Race (read more...)
  • Weather Update
    If you have not yet seen the weather forecast it looks to be a wet and windy one for this weekends race. Please don’t worry though because with good preparation all will be fine. We have hired (read more...)
  • Massage at the Burn Series Adventure Race & 10K
    Date: September, 28 2018 We are delighted to announce that Abi Chapman from Symmetry Massage will be at our event centre providing pre and post sports massages for a (read more...)
  • Bike hire for Burn Series
    Date: September, 28 2018 You can now hire bikes directly from Margam Park Adventure  for the upcoming Burn Series Adventure Race. Please contact Ben directly on 07825 446846  (read more...)
  • Definition of Adventure
    What is yours? Post your answer to one of our social media sites (facebook or twitter) to be in with a chance of winning a free entry to our Day of Adventure on April 2. All entries will be collated (read more...)
  • 2016 Year of Adventure for Wales
    World record holder Maria Leijerstam to promote Wales as part of the Year of Adventure 2016 A world record holder who cycled to the South Pole has been chosen to promote Wales as the world’s capital (read more...)