How to prepare for a Mini Burn in 5 simple steps

Do you have 2-4 members in your family that are ready for an Adventure?

Remember if you don’t push your boundaries, you’ll never know what you are capable of so here goes….

The correct kit

A good pair of trail shoes such as a pair of inov-8

A fully functional mountain bike, bought or borrowed. We love the Mountain Bike Creig by Isla bikes for kids

Water bottle and some energy snacks

A small backpack to carry compulsory kit

A change of clothing for after the event

A Strategy

If you want to win this strategy needs to be based on how you can move at the pace of the fastest person in the team…interesting hey, when most teams preach the saying ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest member’. That is simply not true in this case. If winning is not your focus then a strategy for gaining the most out of the day is equally important.

A little training

Fear not, you don’t need to be an athlete and if you are adhering to the current government regulations of an hour’s exercise a day, you’ll be super fit and ready by now! No kayaking experience is required at all but expect to lose your breath on the mountain biking as some of the hills are steep. Some will get to the top quickly and others after a while. It’s all totally expectable. 

Get some Answers

You need to know what you are letting yourself in for so it’s time to get some answers. You’ll find lots of useful information on our Q&A page but if you can’t find the answer there, then reach out to us and we’ll get the conversation going.

Enter the event and brag about it

By setting yourself this goal and telling others about it, will help keep your focus. Lockdown for many has temporarily removed goal setting from our lives which can be very unsettling but it’s all about to change. 

We will be expanding on each of these points one by one over the coming weeks so stay tuned!